ECOPLAGE's mission

ECOPLAGE answers the issues related to beach protection, beach development and promotion. Whether you have beach creation projects, site enhancement or stabilization of the shoreline projects, the company shares its expertise to provide support and advice you on various options, ands this, remaining environmentally friendly. This process is part of a dynamic and resilient coastal management approach.
ECOPLAGE also holds two patented technologies :
  • Ecoplage : drainage system which consists in placing drains under the beach, parallel to the coastline and linked to a pump station. The drainage dries the foreshore, slows erosion and helps maintain the beach. 
  • Enerplage : system which uses the highly filtered water produced by the drainage system to produce energy. This is the principle of seawater heat transfer (use of the sea heating capacity) to generate heat or cold for the infrastructures located near the beach.
  • The ECOPLAGE - Green Cross partnership renewed

    This association works between others on developing clean innovations, anticipating environmental crises This year again, the ECOPLAGE / Green Cross France and Territories partnership is renewed. This association works among others on developing clean innovations, anticipating environmental crises ...  For more information:      


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