In the spring of 2020, the ENERPLAGE drainage system set up in Saint-jean-de-Luz to supply sea water to the Thalazur Thalassotherapy centre : seawater for the basins but also to meet the air-conditioning needs (hot and cold) of the buildings.

As part of complete renovation of the thalassotherapy centre, an ENERPLAGE drainage system is implemented in the spring of 2020. The drains will make it possible to supply the thalassotherapy centre with seawater for the pools and spa treatments but also to supply the heat pumps of the etablishment. This is the thalassothermy.


Until now, the seawater needs of the thalassotherapy centre have been supplied by an offshore seawater intake. It will be replaced by the ENERPLAGE drainage system. The latter doesn't require underwater work or maintenance, and in addition, the drainage system uses the filtering capacity of the beach sand to provide higly filtered seawater. 


The installation of a 300m system of drains parallel to the coastline, during the spring of 2020, will collect enough seawater to meet the needs of the thalassotherapy centre. 


Installation du système :

  • 300m of drains
  • 1 collector well
  • 1 pumping station integrated into the existing thalassotherapy building



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