Works on Merlimont beach
Works on Merlimont beach
Works on Merlimont beach
Works on Merlimont beach









Initial characteristics of the beach : 

Merlimont Beach was very humid with numerous puddles. Six groynes were built in the 80’s. After more than 30 years, these groynes were no longer effective to fight erosion and were a threat for the population. The shoreline setback was clear and the beach level was lowering.

The municipality (Communauté de Communes Mer et Terres d'opale (CCMTO)) chose the Ecoplage system to fight against Merlimont beach erosion. The works were carried out from February to May 2014.

The system protects the beach on 900 linear meters. The layout of the drains was preceded by the removal of 5 of the 6 groynes.



Installation of the Ecoplage system :

  • 2 beams of drains of 900 meters
  • A collector well
  • A pump station of 7m high located inside the beach access ramp
  • A discharge pipeline

First results :

Drying up of the beach

Repair of the riprap

Reinforcement of wind transport

Suppresion of the risks linked to the groynes, especially for the bathers